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The Favorite Children’s Book About Notre Dame

The Year’s Favorite Children’s Book about Notre Dame

If you enter the Notre Dame bookstore this Christmas, what book will you find there? None other than Sorin Starts a School: The Foundation of Notre Dame! This favorite children’s book about Notre Dame is delighted to be in the same company as Ted Hesburgh, Monk Malloy and other fine authors from Our Lady’s University.

Sorin Starts a School: The Foundation of Notre Dame is a children's book at the Notre Dame bookstore.
Sorin Starts a School: The Foundation of Notre Dame ,children’s book at the Notre Dame bookstore

Even before Sorin Starts a School arrived in bookstores, the Notre Dame bookstore expressed exuberant interest in the book. Now, for Christmas, students and families can find the beautiful hardcover at the entrance of the bookstore.

In 2021, the Notre Dame family reacted with excitement. The book was shared through Notre Dame alumni clubs all over the country. They reported that both adults and kids love the book!

The NDAA welcomed the book’s author, Paul Mitchell, and illustrator, Katie Broussard, on their Everyday Holiness podcast in November 2021. On the episode, Katie and Paul describe the creation of the beloved children’s book, as well as their previous book, Audacious Ignatius. (Check out the episode here!).

Also in November, FaithND invited Paul to write a Gospel reflection at FaithND to discuss the book. In the reflection, he addresses the question that many have asked: Why a children’s book about Fr. Edward Sorin and the foundation of Notre Dame? (Check out the reflection here!).

Earlier in the year, the NDAA profiled Katie’s work of weaving faith and art in the creation of this and other books for children. (Check out the story here.).

We are honored and humbled to have such reception from the Notre Dame family!

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Interested in the author and illustrator of Sorin Starts a School to visit your school or parish? Drop us a line!

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