About Us

Katie and Paul are siblings and have been working together their whole lives.  Phonics, block towers, household chores, homework.  We know each other pretty well.

Now with young families, we want books that do not compromise theological depth in order to be understandable.  And so we are onto our next project!

There are a lot of moving parts that bring our books from dream, concept, design, revision, manufacturing, picking, packing, to shipment…

The name

We plan to begin a small publishing company, Corde Press, with your support on this campaign.  We chose the name for two reasons.  First, ‘corde’ is Latin for heart, and we want to share books like this because our Catholic faith is close to our hearts.  Second, our grandmother, Katherine Cordes Mitchell, passed away this year.  We know she is a big reason why our Catholic faith is dear to us, and so we want the books to recall her maiden name.