Sorin Starts a School Cover

The Story Behind Sorin Starts a School

Hi there!  I’m Paul, ND Class of 2007, and the author of Sorin Starts a School: The Foundation of Notre Dame

It is my pleasure to tell the story about how my sister, the illustrator, and I created this book.  

On its surface, the book is about building the university, but the main point is to introduce readers to the spirituality of the Congregation of Holy Cross (CSC), the order that founded the school.  This spirituality as well as the accompaniment of the men and women of Holy Cross have been a profound gift to me, and I am overjoyed to share this next book.

To tell the story, I’ve written an number of essays, linked below.

Below are essays on three themes of CSC spirituality and how we weave them into the book.

1) Our Lady of Sorrows as a Timely Teacher

2) “The Cross, Our Only Hope” and the Excellence of CSC Accompaniment 

3) “Come, Follow me”: The “Stability Stanza”

Some folks have asked, “Why a book about Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC?”  I answer in: “So, let us be builders like our brother, Ed”.

I am delighted to share the book, but am honestly most excited to announce that all profits from the book go to the excellent work of the CSC in Bangladesh.  Read more about our connection to the CSC folks in Bangladesh here: “The Truth Will Make You Strange”: Appreciation of Fr. Tom McDermott, CSC and the Best of the Holy Cross in Bangladesh.

(Pre-order Sorin Starts a School: The Foundation of Notre Dame today! Ships to you Summer 2021. All proceeds support the work of the Holy Cross in Bangladesh. )

Excited about this project and want to work together somehow?  We’d love to hear from you.