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A letter from Pope Francis

It is our joy to share Audacious Ignatius, and so we have sent copies all over the Jesuit world. A friend and Jesuit priest studying in Rome was able to deliver a copy to Pope Francis. Shortly after, I received the letter you see below. (I will paste a translation at the end of this letter.)


Dear Paul,

I have received your book Audacious Ignatius and I send to you my sincere gratitude.  I am moved that you recall with gratitude and joy the experience of Ignatian spirituality that you were able to internalize during your years as a teacher in Jesuit education.  And much more, now, that it will be a spiritual inheritance for your sons.

I hope that the fruit of your work guides along a path to God that includes prayer, intuition, reflection, action, and understanding of who is this God that is manifested in Jesus.

I wish you and your family a peaceful and fertile Easter season.  I ask you, please, to not forget to pray for me.

May Jesus bless you and the Holy Mother care for you.  Fraternally,