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Peeking past the fourth wall

Mo Willems is a genius, particularly when Elephant and Piggie peek past the fourth wall.

When we push past the fourth wall of a children’s book, though,  we find two readers.  We find the child and the adult.

Why does this matter for the readers of children’s books?

Jesus’ invitation to “become like children” is, at least in part, an invitation to become as deeply perceptive as a child. My son is young, but I am sure he can pick up on the fact that I think the Elephant and Piggie books are brilliant while others are fairly forgettable.  

The child is reading the book as well as the adult’s opinion of the book. 

This is a deeply important question for religious resources, as a parent’s attitudes and practices of religion form that of the child.

This is why Audacious Ignatius strives for delight and depth.  The book aims to captivate the young person and also strike a chord with the adult, so that when our children read us, they find joy and wonder.