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All proceeds support the work of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Bangladesh



Sorin Starts a School: The Foundation of Notre Dame

Experience the depth and delight of Notre Dame’s founding in the pages of this beautiful picture book.

All proceeds support the work of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Bangladesh.

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14 reviews for Sorin Starts a School Hardcover

  1. Fran French

    These books that Katie and Paul have created together are simply charming! The detail and scope of the illustrations is amazing!! They teach a little history as well as how to love God, each other and ourselves. Well done!!

  2. Chris Labadie

    My son’s new favorite bedtime story! What a great introduction to the story of Notre Dame and the charism of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

  3. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “A really beautiful book, at once fun and profound, to teach children, and the adults who read it to them, about the spiritual birth of Notre Dame by Fr. Sorin and the Congregation of Holy Cross.”

    -Fr. Lou DelFra, CSC – ND ‘93, ‘03 MDiv, Director of Pastoral Life for the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)

  4. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “Since 1842, Notre Dame has shared its beauty and its values with one generation after another, helping Our Lady lead our families to faith and hope and love. Paul Mitchell and Katie Broussard have given us a sweet little book that will help us share this story with our children and strengthen each of us in hope. Holy Cross values took flesh long ago in the ongoing story of Sorin’s school and now again in this delightful book.”

    -Fr. Thomas McDermott, CSC – ND ‘72, ‘77

  5. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “Paul Mitchell has produced a wonderful and very honest portrait of Fr. Sorin and the beginnings of Notre Dame in a catchy poem. It is clear why this is Our Lady’s school – Sorin’s devotion and her grand response.”

    -Fr. Frank Quinlivan, CSC – ND ‘66, ‘69

  6. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “Sorin Starts a School not only compellingly shares the story at the heart of Notre Dame’s vast legacy. It also opens in our own hearts the opportunities that are possible in this life when we step out in faith with love and purpose as Father Sorin did. Enchanting prose by Paul Mitchell and captivating art by Katie Broussard combine to make this a book that is sure to become a family favorite.”

    -Lisa M. Hendey – ND ‘85, founder of, author of I’m a Saint in the Making

  7. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “For all of us who love the Congregation of Holy Cross and the University of Notre Dame, Fr. Sorin’s story is part of our own. I found this book a wonderful resource for families to share that legacy with the next generation.”

    -Dan Allen – ND ‘07, ‘11 MDiv, Associate Director of Spirituality and Service – Notre Dame Alumni Association

  8. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “Do not misconstrue this book as only a children’s book. It is a great read for adults and all who appreciate the school that Sorin started.”

    -Sr. Sallie Latkovich, CSJ – Director of Biblical Study and Travel Program, Catholic Theological Union

  9. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “We all know Notre Dame is a special place — this tale reveals the dynamic behind that mystique: a rugged faithfulness that still animates campus through the men of Holy Cross. Sorin Starts a School is the story of what it took to see a world-leading University in the wilderness of northern Indiana — a vision that can inspire us to excellence in whatever frontiers we face.”

    -Josh Noem – ND ‘98, ‘05 MDiv, Senior Editor, Grotto Network

  10. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    “Read this story and you’ll find yourself seeing Notre Dame in a new way. It exposes the foundations that make the University a unique force for good in the world: trust in God’s providence and the tender care of His mother.”

    -Stacey Noem – ND ‘98, ‘05 MDiv, Director of Human and Spiritual Formation, University of Notre Dame MDiv Program

  11. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    This book depicts one beautiful example of the workings of God’s Providence. In the wilderness of Indiana, Fr. Sorin founded a school whose mission was to make God known, loved, and served, a place which remains a force for good in this world. In a delightful way, Katie and Paul make the charism of Blessed Basil Moreau and the Congregation of Holy Cross come to life in this sweet story.

    -Dr. André Polaniecki, ND ‘03
    Holy Cross College

  12. Corde Press Books

    (Editorial Review)

    Sorin Starts a School is a beautifully illustrated story, written in rhyme, with multi-generational appeal. Young, or young-at-heart, this is a book for us all to learn more about Brother Ed, a flawed youngster, and his remarkable journey to found the University of Notre Dame. Come, follow me, and read this inspiring journey of faith and Deep Love.

    -Haley Scott DeMaria, former ND Swimmer, Speaker, and Author of What Though the Odds and Advice From a Patient.
    ND ’95, ’12 (Hon.)

  13. Bryan

    This book combines an incredible story with wit and artistic whimsy. A beautifully done book.

  14. Jana

    Fantastic and fun book – especially for any one who loves Notre Dame!

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