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Form and Function

The crayons in my son’s toddler classroom are shaped like large pebbles. This form serves the crayon’s function: to teach him to productively hold a pencil.

Watch out, Jackson Pollack.

It is our sincere hope that Audacious Ignatius has a similarly productive form. We hope that its beauty and joy offers a simple reminder to productively hold the stuff of one’s life as Ignatius did, enabling attentiveness to the Spirit and freedom to participate in the work of God in the world.

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Workplace community

Both Katie and I are grateful to be able to able to work from home on projects like Audacious Ignatius, though the workplace is not always the most efficient. I found this text conversation from the morning of a big deadline day.

(Ñaño is the most prized comfort object. He actually makes a cameo in the “Preaching in Spain” page of Audacious Ignatius!)

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Family feedback on Audacious Ignatius

We struggled for some time with the layout of the cover of Audacious Ignatius. We went through our bookshelves at home and perused the local libraries. From these ideas, Katie eventually created a few demos and we sent it around for feedback, starting with our families. Here is a snapshot of how it went in her house. 😀

Andrew ended up voting for the “On the Way” in the end.